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ings. I saw many fall to the ground under the mighty power of God, and rose up rejoicing in the love of God. Brothers Stinson and Slight, who came this morning, preached to us through an interpreter. The Indian Exhorters and Class Leaders were very active in bringing the pagan Indians into the Camp ground; and when they succeeded in getting them to enter their prayer meeting, they soon had pleasure and joy in seeing them set at full liberty. Before the meeting commenced, I met with a very aged man who wore a human face on his neck, about the bigness of a man's thumb, as a god. I saw the same man again this day, and, behold! there was no god to be found hanging about his neck. I enquired what he had done with it, and was informed that he had found a better god in his heart, and had thrown his old ugly one away, never more to worship gods of his own making. It was truly delightful to see the fervour and zeal of my Indian Brethren. Brother Thomas Magee was quite a Boanerges amongst them, and the power of the Lord attended his word. May God bless him and keep him humble! The prayer meeting continued till late in the evening, and the Brethren appeared as if they were inclined to pray all the night.

Monday, June 1st. — Whilst some of the Indian brethren were speaking I took down part of their remarks. Mahskenoozh: “I am happy in my heart to see my brethren turn to the Great Spirit. Wm. George — Three years ago I found the Lord, and threw all the firewaters away which had made me so very poor, and placed me in the mud. I love all my brethren, and will always trust in Jesus. Captain Johnson — I was once very poor. Two years ago I found the Good Spirit. I have only spoiled my religion but once since then. I am glad God has forgiven me. I will always trust in Jesus. Wahbahneeb — I was once very poor. I first heard the words of the Great