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Thursday 30th. — Rode down to Toronto in company with Brother Nankeville, in order to attend the Wesleyan Missionary Anniversary, which was to be held this evening. Before we left we had a meeting in the chapel, it being the day set apart by our Lieut. Governor for a public thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the disappearance of that wasting disease, the cholera, from the Province. May God accept the offerings of his people!

December 5th, 1834. — Worked on the road. In the evening visited Jacob Herkimer's family, and talked to them on religion.

Friday, May 29th, 1835. — Went to the Camp ground and found the Indians busily engaged in preparing their tents.

Saturday 30th. — After breakfast I preached in Indian from Exodus iii. 5. Thos. Magee and David Sawyer exhorted. The spirit of the Lord was present on the occasion. After this we had a prayer meeting — several penitents came forward to be prayed for. Some of whom found Him of whom Moses and the Prophets did write. After dinner, Brother T. Hurlburt preached in Indian from 1 Cor. 4, 20. It was very pleasing and encouraging to hear our white friend declare the words of the Great Spirit in our native tongue. Bros. Wm. Madwayosh, Wahgosh, and Joseph Sawyer, exhorted. The second exhorter spoke with much feeling and power; and told his brethren that it was only a few months since he first found the Great Spirit, and had already found the benefit of serving Him, and therefore he could freely recommend them to set out and get the same blessings. At 4, p. m., Brother J. Evans preached from Malachi iii. 16. David Sawyer interpreted. The first exhorter was the Indian who brought the Beldoon people to Muncey, and was the means of their conversion to the number of about twenty.

Sunday 31st. — Several sermons and exhortations were delivered this day, attended with much of the Divine blessing. But the Lord seemed more especially to bless the prayer meet-