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potteries. This is the gentleman who took a bust of Mr. Wesley, now so common amongst Methodists.

Monday l6th. — Took coach at Rugby for Derby Hall, thence by railway to London, where we arrived about 10 in the evening. Found my dear newish and all the friends in health.

Saturday 21st, — Mrs. J. and myself went to see the Diorama in Regent's Park. The views were Trivoli, and St. Peter's, at Rome. Had I not known that they were only paintings, I should have fancied that they were the places themselves. After this we went in company with Mr. S. Field to see the Zoological Gardens in Regent's Park.

Saturday, August 4th. — Left Bristol at an early hour for Wales. Here I cannot say all I wish of country and people.

Sunday 5th. — At half-past 10, a. m., I preached to a pretty large congregation of Welsh and English from John ix. 25. The people were very attentive. A collection was made in behalf of this chapel. In the afternoon I went to the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, and heard a sermon in the Welsh language, not a word of which I could understand.

Monday 6th. — In the morning Miss Taylor drove me to see the splendid scenery of the Welsh mountains, and there was much romantic beauty.

Friday 10th. — Started for London at 8 in the morning.

Sunday 12th. — In the morning I went and heard the Rev. Mr. Binney preach in his chapel, near the Monument. He delivered a beautiful lecture from part of the 19th Psalm.

Thursday 16th. — Saw the Queen as she went to prorogue the Houses of Parliament. I had a very fine view of her, and received a bow from her as she passed by. The state carriages were most splendid. Received late a cask of presents from Sheffield, a large bale of goods from Wakefield, and a small medicine chest from Dublin. All these are most valuable presents in a Missionary work.