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His Birth—His Father—Tuhbenahneequay, his Mother—Brothers and Sisters—Early Habits—Named Kahkewaquonaby—His Grandfather—Indian Training—Adopted by Captain Jim—Removes to the Credit—Lost—Crippled—His Mother's affection—Flying Skeleton—Nabdowny's—War with the United States—Sent to School—Settles on the Grand River—Mohawk Christians—His Baptism—Religious thought—Never a drunkard—Hires himself to Brick making to pay for his Schooling—Seth Crawford—Mr. E. Stoney—Thomas Davis—The Spirit at work—Attends a Camp meeting in Ancaster—Description—Rev. William Case—Burden of his soul—His Sister converted—Efforts of Revs. E. Stoney and G. Ferguson—Made a Child of God—Immediate wish for the conversion of others—Mr. Case exalts—Delivered from doubt—Joy of his Parents—Revs. A Torry, Whithead, E. Stoney, Abner Matthews—Soon a good work—Seth Crawford made Class Leader—The Spirit poured out—Chief Davis—Mr. Jones keep a Day School—Religious acts and joys—Relatives converted—His exhortations a blessing—First Methodist Indian Church in Canada—Many Indians born of God there—Resigns brick making and oxen for Christ—To Preach a necessity—Commences a Journal at the suggestion of Elder Case Pages



Religious activies—Messissaugas deeply affected—Keeps School—Love for Seth Crawford—Mohawk Sabbath School—Rev. Robert Corson—A Death—Ministers visit the Grand River—Mr. Torry preaches and visits—Prayer for the Whites—Clearing of land—Prayer meetings—Progression of the work—Mr. Whitehead preaching—The power of God—Visit of Torry and himself to Indians on the Thames—Services among the Whites—Turkey, the Muncey Chief—Zeal for the Munceys—Some in tears—Council of Indians—Divided on Christianity—Mr. John Carey made Teacher—Quarterly Meeting at Burdick's—Sabbath of rejoicing—Often at his Father's—The Meetings increasingly useful—Camp Meeting—Rev. Thom. Madden—Rev. James Richardson—Goes to the Credit for Presents—Preaching on the Flats—A crowd—Rev. D. Culp—Colonel Givins—Visit of Dr. Strachan—Prayer meetings by the way—Many Credit Indians gone up to Grand River—Forty-five baptized—Number of Indian Members—Starts with Indian brethren to labour at Muncey—Zeal—Difficulties—Widow Dolson—Meets Mr. Torry—Feast of Offerings—Rev. G. Ryerson—Conference at Fifty-Mile Creek—Preaching on the Credit Flats—Visit of Elder Case—Interview with Sir Peregrine Maitland—Letter from Mr. Case—Peter Jones' Reply—Letter from Mr. Carrey—Another letter from Mr. Case, and P. Jones' Answer—Mr. Case to Mr. Crawford, the Mohawk Teacher