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Friday 12th. — In the forenoon, I went to the Government House and waited upon the Governor. He informed me that the despatches relative to the Indian Department had arrived by the last mail, in which he was now placed in full power at the head of the Indian affairs in Upper Canada. His Excellency said he could now go on in settling or locating the Indians on lands, and would do every thing in his power to promote the civilization of the Indians; but would leave their religious instruction to us Methodists.

Wednesday 17th. — Employed in translating. Bro. Evans has come up in order to assist in getting the Infant school into operation at this Mission.

Thursday 18th. — Rode down to York, and met with Bro. Case at Bro. Armstrong's; his health was rather poor. He gave a flattering accouut of the Missions in the east.

Friday 19th. — In the afternoon Brother Case and myself started for Lake Simcoe, and stopped for the night at Sister Playter's.

Wednesday 24th. — This morning Brother Atwood, W. Law, R. Erwin, and some of the Indians went over to view the land where this tribe intends to settle. Quarterly meeting began among this people at about 11 o'clock. All the Indian brethren came together at the school house, and, before taking their seats, as was their usual custom, they knelt down to implore the blessing of the Great Spirit on this day's meeting. Brother Case administered the Communion to 48 natives and 5 whites. The Indians of Snake Island came together at the sound of the horn. I endeavoured to preach to them from a part of the Lord's prayer. Brother Case gave a word of exhortation, and Brother Norris closed by prayer.

Friday 26th. — We rode from the vicinity of Newmarket down to York, and attended the Missionary Meeting held this evening in the Methodist chapel.