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beautiful flint rock. In the afternoon we crossed over to the Big Bay, at the head of which is the Establishment, where we arrived about 9 in the evening. Saw Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Anderson, Indian Agents. The whole shore was occupied by Indian wigwams. We enquired for the Saugeen Indians, and, after searching some time for them, we found where they were encamped. We slept by one of their fires in the open air.

Friday 4th. — After breakfast we called upon Captain Anderson. He informed us that the Catholic priests had been very busy with the Indians even before they came to this place. Shingwahkoons said that the white people told him it was wicked to drink the fire-waters, but he saw yesterday the white gentlemen on this Island take the cup and drink the fire-waters. In the afternoon the Rev. W. McMurray and lady, from the Sault St. Marie, and Mrs. Jamieson, lady of the Vice Chancellor at Toronto, the celebrated authoress, arrived at this place in a small boat. The Council began in the afternoon, which continued till quite late. About 60 Chiefs and war Chiefs were present. After many speeches medals were given to the Chiefs and war Chiefs. I was much struck with the miserable appearance of the Island Indians, called by the Ojebways “Noopumadazhaneang.” In the evening there was a great canoe race of women of the different nations present. After dark, the pagan Indians had a war dance, and raised the war-whoop as they danced around.

Saturday 5th. — Our party went, after breakfast, to the encampment of the Saugeen Indians, and I gave them an address. In the afternoon presents were issued to upwards of 140 Indians, which completed the giving of presents at this place for this year. Total number of Indians who received presents being 3,201, the greatest number of Indians that have been brought together for these many years past. There were four Tribes present, viz: Ojebway, Oodahwah, Patawahtah-