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and also on the necessity of remembering their Creator in the days of their youth. They listened attentively, and many of them were much affected, tears rolling down their cheeks, whilst I told them of the love of Jesus for little children. At 2, p. m., we again met for worship. I read in Indian, and expounded the first chapter of Matthew. The Indian brethren were all attentive, and I trust some good was done. In the evening we had another meeting. I gave them a short talk on the nature and duty of prayer, and what we may pray for. We then had a prayer meeting. It was a lively time. In visiting the Camps this day I called at a little wigwam where two aged widows lived, one of whom was almost blind. On entering the door way, I said, "Is it here, where my grandmothers reside?" One replied, "Yes, my grandson, come in; our grand-children here are very good to us; they bring us plenty of meat to eat' and fetch us what firewood we need." The elder of the two lost her aged husband by death a few weeks since. He was the oldest man in this tribe. He and his wife were baptized last summer by the names of Adam and Eve. Adam made his peace with his God at the eleventh hour, and has entered into rest. O the great goodness of God to save poor Indians!

Sunday 18th. — Very early I preached to the Indians. At 11, a. m., to the white people. In the afternoon, at 3, p. m., the Indian brethren again assembled for worship, and I addressed them on the necessity of growing in grace, and seeking for a clean heart. After this we held a class meeting. They rose one after another, and declared what God done for their souls.

Monday 19th. — In the morning I went to see the new school house now in course of erection, principally by the Indians. It is built of logs, 22 feet square, hewed in the inside. The floor is laid with split basswood plank, and the roof is covered with basswood troughs. About noon I held a meeting