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quarrelled and fought with one another, and one of them is now on the Island with a black eye. Brothers and friends, what you have said concerning the evil effects of the fire-waters is very true. Strong drink has made us poor and destroyed our lives. Brothers and friends, I am poor and hardly able to buy enough cloth for a pair of leggings, and wherewith would I be able to buy cloth enough for a pair of pantaloons to dress me like the white man, if I should become a christian or live like the white man? Brothers and friends, I am glad to see you as native brethren, but will not become a Christian. This is all I have to say.” When he got through I made some remarks on the old Chief's reply to our address to them. After this we left the Island; by this time the Indians whom we had been addressing this day were quite intoxicated: however, they were still peaceable and friendly to us. The Indians who live on the borders of the St. Clair probably number about 300 souls. They have several fine reserves, one at the St. Clair rapids of four miles square, another near the mouth of the River Sauble, besides the Walpole Islands at Belldoon. These people are complete pagans and strongly attached to their heathen rites and ceremonies, and, consequently, it will take time, labour, and exertion to get the gospel introduced among them. In the afternoon we went down the river to Bro. Johnson's neighbourhood, where we stopped for the night. I was informed that the Chief Pazhekezhikguashkum is a great powwow, and that it was by his witchcraft he maintained his authority.

Wednesday 5th. — In the forenoon our men were busy washing their blankets, shirts, &c. One of the Indian Chiefs that attended the meeting yesterday, by the name of Yellowbird, and several others, came to our Indian brothers, and entered into a friendly conversation with them about Christianity, asking them questions concerning reports that they had heard