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endeavoured to rectify a false notion they had received from old Johnson, who made many of them believe he had received personal instructions from the Great Spirit, and that Munedoo had told him that Indians should never eat mutton, bacon, otter, and other meat. When I told them that there was no harm in eating any of the good things which God had given man, they were highly delighted, and said they had been a long time wishing to know the truth of this, and that now they were satisfied. Many other of Johnson's instructions were in accordance with the Bible. I cautioned them against trusting to dreams or visions for fear of being led into error and superstition; and reminded them that God had revealed his will clearly in the Bible, from whence we must derive all our religious knowledge and rule for our conduct. After solemnly exhorting them to remain faithful, I bade them farewell, commending them to the blessing and protection of Almighty God. About 3, p. m., I left Mr. Hurd's for the Rice Lake.

Thursday 2nd. — Met Mr. Scott in Whitby this morning. He intends visiting the Schoogog Indians next Monday, and will then provide them with hoes, axes, and seed. He is also to engage a female teacher, as the school, which numbers sixty, is too large for one teacher. We hope great advantage will arise from having a female, as it will enable the women and girls to learn to sew, knit, &c. They are very anxious to be instructed in the habits of the white women. Rode to Mr. Varley's, where I remained the night.

Friday 3rd. — Arrived at the Rice Lake in the afternoon; and found the Indians in a pretty good state, and Bro. Biggar quite well. On my arrival at the school house, they all flocked in to shake hands, and thank God that we were spared to see each other again. I spoke a few words to them on the goodness of the Great Spirit in preserving our lives, and protecting us from the power of Muchemunedoo: we