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as it was situated on the north side of the lake, it would be difficult at all times to get to it — arrived home about sun set, after paddling more than twenty miles, very much fatigued. The Schoogog Indians have no reserves of lands, and are consequently wholly dependent on Government or some benevolent Society for a grant. Now, instead of Government applying to the original proprietors of the soil for land, they (the natives) have to pray to their great father the King for a place to lay their bones in.

Wednesday, May 1st. — Mr. Hurd and I visited the Indians early this morning. After assembling the men, we talked to them on several subjects relative to their temporal concerns. We advised them to commence immediately and clear a piece of ground, and begin planting and making a garden. They agreed unanimously, and for their encouragement we promised them some seed potatoes, &c. About 10, a. m., I assembled them all at the basswood Chapel. I then regulated their classes, and admitted 38 into society. I was careful to inquire into the character of each individual. Settled some existing differences, and got an old Indian who had two wives, to consent to leave one. Admitted into society the two oldest Indians, (a man and his wife) I ever saw. The man was quite bald, the first bald-headed Indian I have ever seen. I should take them to be more than a hundred years old. On asking the old man the state of his mind, he said, "The Great Spirit has given me a great many days; I have always remembered the Great Spirit all the days of my past life, and now I rejoice to see our grand-children and great grand-children worship our Great Father in heaven." While the old man uttered these words, the old woman praised the Lord aloud. These aged persons put me in mind of our first parents, and good old Simeon and Anna. We baptized them by the names of Adam and Eve. After this I proceeded to instruct them on various subjects; and