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up to the land, we came in view of the Port of the city of Liverpool, and the country that lies west of the city. The scenery from the ship was most beautiful. The trees were all out in green, and the fields covered with herbage, and what added to its beauty was, the elegant buildings that were seen in every direction. About noon we got to the entrance of the docks, and immediately stepped on English ground, after having been confined on board the ship for thirty-seven days.

Monday, May 2nd. — At about 9 o'clock this morning, we arrived in the great city of London. After taking breakfast, we went to the Wesleyan Mission House, in order to present our letters of introduction to the Secretaries of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, &c. On our arrival at the Mission House, we were informed that the Secretaries and Ministers were at their Missionary Anniversary meeting, held in Exeter Hall. We immediately went to the place, and as we were going up one of the stairs, we met with the Rev. Richard Reece, an acquaintance of Brother Ryerson. The meeting was opened by singing and prayer from the Rev. Geo. Morley, after which Lanslotte Haslope, Esq., took the chair. The chairman addressed the meeting, and expressed his feelings of gratitude to God on appearing upon this occasion. The Secretary, the Rev. Mr. James, then read the Report, which states that the Society had 150 stations; 213 missionaries; 160 salaried catechists; 1,400 gratuitous teachers in the Sunday and Day schools, making upwards of 2,000 engaged in the different missionary stations; that there were 26,440 members in all the stations, and that the receipts for the past year amounted to £50,017 18s. 8d. The following persons then addressed the meeting — viz, Rev. Robert Alder, late Missionary to North America; James Montgomery, Esq., the great Poet of the present day; John Poynder, Esq., a member of the Established Church; Rev. James Dixon, Rev. Dr. Burder, Rev. Dr. Raffles, of Liverpool; Rev.