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ſoon as ſhe got up ſhe went to Mrs. Blague, to conſult what ſhe muſt do in this ſtrait, well knowing the king’s humour.

Mrs. Blague, ſeeing her thus penſive, ſaid, Come my dear, you muſt not be coy, nor deny the king’s requeſt: You will glitter ſo near a throne, and enjoy a gallant bed-fellow: I find he is reſolved to have you for a miſtreſs, and therefore, it is beſt for you willingly to ſubmit to him.

At this diſcourſe ſhe trembled, yet conſidering from the many attempts her beauty had cauſed, that it was not made to be enjoyed by one, in a fatal hour the conſented, and inſtead of writing an anſwer to the King’s letter, it was agreed that very night ſhe ſhould take her apparel, and put herſelf into the hands of the king. This being concluded, Mrs. Blague ſent the King notice, who ſent a chariot for them, and in the mean time, her clothes were conveyed away to