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him. At this ſhe bluſhed, but not to be unmannerly ſhe complied, and the dance being ended, he took her to a ſingle light, and pulling off his maſk to ſalute her, ſhe perceived it was the ſame man whom ſhe had ſeen at her own ſhop, and at Mrs. Blague’s houſe, and putting a letter into her hand, he retired. She then coming to Mrs. Blague, deſired to go home, to this the conſented, and then read the letter; which was to this purpoſe:

“My Lovely Jane,

“Your beauty has enthralled my heart. ’Tis a King ſues, you will be kind to him, and by a line tell him ſo to his comfort”

When ſhe read this letter, ſhe left Mrs. Blague abruptly, judging ſhe had a hand in the matter.

All this night the fair Jane was reſtleſs; Her huſband enquired the cauſe, but could not learn it. As