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often left them alone, and the King courted her with all his rhetorick, yet ſhe appeared averſe to his love, and often blamed him ſharply for perſuading her to defile her huſband’s bed, and then ſhe would chide Mrs. Blague for ſuffering ſuch a rude man to come to her houſe telling her the design he had on her chaſtity; ſhe ſeemed very ſurprized at it, but entreated her to be at eaſe, for ſhe would not ſuffer him to come there again any more.

This pacified her, but the plot was ſtill deeper laid for her ruin, and at Chriſtmas time, ſhe got leave of Mr. Shore for his wife to accompany her to the court, to ſee the ball there to which he conſented with ſome unwillingneſs: And ſoon after ſhe was introduced, a man of very comely port, entered with a maſk on; and Mrs. Shore heard the ladies whiſper That’s the King, who looking round through his maſk, fixed his eyes upon her, immediately ſtepping to her ſeat, took her out to dance along with