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but I muſt have her, and with her own conſent.

Haſtings ſmiling, immediately ſaid Take no care for this ſhall be eaſy to your Majeſty: There is one Mrs. Blague, your lace woman, has a houſe pretty near Shore’s, and is very intimate with his wife. This woman is very fond of money, to ſuch a degree, that would make her do anything. Her will I engage to do this. matter, and truſt me, ſhe will bring it to paſs to your ſatisfaction. The king liked this device, and it was agreed, that he ſhould ſee her at this Mrs. Blague’s, and have freedom to court her, but the ſhould not know that he was the King, till he thought proper to have it diſcovered.

Lord Haſtings was not idle in promoting his maſter’s happineſs, but with gifts and large promiſes, ſoon made the lace woman pliable, ſo that many meetings were made at her houſe, the King coming in diſguiſe as her friend; and tho’ Mrs. Blague