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Mr. Shore was greatly pleaſed at her conduct and more diſcourſe had paſſed, but people coming into the ſhop about buſineſs, ſhe retired.

The King ſoon arrived at court, where he had been miſſed by his nobles, ſoon changed his apparel, and came amongſt them with a chearful countenance, and tho’ others were ignorant, Haſtings well perceived where he had been and the ſatisfaction he had received, and no ſooner were they in private, but the King ſaid, Well Haſtings, thou haſt very good judgement in fine women: I have ſeen Shore’s wife, and ſhe excels the praiſes you gave of her; I like her well, and muſt enjoy her, but how must I bring it about? to court her in her huſband’s preſence, as a private perſon, I ſhall be ſerved as you was; and to do it as a King, will look too low for me.— I will not force her from his arms, for that would cauſe a murmuring among my ſubjects, who would fear the like by their wives and daughters