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The King no ſooner ſaw her, but he ſtepped forth and ſaluted her coral lips, impreſſing on them many balmy kiſſes. Then ſhe, by her huſband’s deſire, ſat down, and the King drank to her, ſhe pledged him, and paſſed it to her huſband. Then much diſcourſe enſued, in which ſhe appeared ſo witty, that the King reſolved to have her at any rate, and ſo preſented her with ſome curious things. He paid for his plate, which the good man would have ſent home but he refuſed it, ordering his page to carry it; and, with many kiſſes he took leave of the charming fair one for that time.

The King had no ſooner departed, but Jane aſked her husband, Who that gentleman was, that had been ſo liberal to her? he told her, he ſaid he was a merchant, but he knew him not. Ah! ſaid ſhe, I rather take him for ſome Lord in diſguiſe; therefore, dear huſband, if he should come again, tell him that I am ſick, or any thing you can feign to diſappoint him