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then walk bare footed and bare-headed in her ſhift before the proceſſion, with a croſs and a wax taper in her hand, through Cheapſide, which the did looking ſo lovely in her bluſhes, that many pitied her; he alſo ſtripped all her friends and relations of whatever they had, pretending they had got it all by her means from the crown in K. Edward’s reign; which with the diſgrace their only daughter was fallen into, cauſed her parents death.

Richard, not content with this, put out a ſevere proclamation to this effect: That on the pain of death, and confiſcation of goods, no one ſhould harbour her in their houſes, nor relieve her with food or raiment. So that ſhe went wandering up and down to find her food upon the buſhes, and on the dung-hills where ſome friends ſhe had raiſed would throw bones with more meat than ordinary, and cruſts of ſtale bread in the places where ſhe generally haunted. And a baker, who had been