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condemned to die for a riot in King Edward’s reign, and ſaved by her means, as he ſaw her paſs along, in gratitude for her kindneſs, would trundle a penny, loaf after her, which ſhe thankfully received, and bleſſed him with tears in her eyes; but ſome malicious neighbour informing againſt him, he was taken up and banged for diſobeying King Richard’s proclamation; which ſo terrified others, that they durſt not relieve her with any thing; ſo that in miſerable rags, almoſt naked, ſhe went about moſt ſhocking ſpectacle, wringing her hands, and bemoaning her unhappy fate.

Thus ſhe continued till the battle of Boſeworth-field, where Richard was ſlain by Henry Earl of Richmond, who ſucceeded him by the name of Henry the VII; in which reign, ſhe hoped for better days; but fortune raiſed her another adverſary, for, he married Elizabeth, eldeſt daughter of Edward the IV. and K. Edward’s Queen, who