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mortally hated her, then bearing a great ſway, another proclomation was iſſued to the ſame effect; and ſo ſhe wandered up and down, in as poor and miſerable a condition as before, till growing old, and utterly friendleſs ſhe finiſhed her life in a ditch, which was from thence called Shore’s Ditch, adjoining Biſhopſgate-ſtreet.

Thus you may ſee the riſe and fall of this once ſtately and then unhappy woman, with whoſe dying Lamentation, I ſhall conclude.

The dying Lamentation of


Good People,

THOUGH, by the rigour of the law, are forbidden to give me any relief, yet you may pity my unhappy ſtate, for the ſcripture ſaith To the miſerable pity ſhould beſhewn I am now putting a period to a miſerable life: a life that I have been long weary of. Nor would I deſire to live in the ſplendour, pomp, and