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glory of Edward’s court. No, I am happier now on the dung-hill, than ever I was in his arms; For oh! it was an adulterous bed indeed. Oh wretch! that King Edward! that ever I was betrayed by him! What floods of ſorrow have my ſins occaſioned? Oh! learn from me, good people, to beware of vain delights: tho’ they promiſe fair, they leave bitter ſtings behind them. Alas! you know my puniſhment is grievous in this world, and ſo it is, for I have endured a thouſand deaths in one; but now, my dying moments are come, I rejoice. Sincere repentance has ſecured my happineſs above.— But O, where repentance is not given, what ſeas of torment rack the ſoul! O happy dunghill, how do I embrace thee! From thee my pardoned ſoul ſhall ſoar to heaven, tho’ here I leave this filthy carcaſe.

O that the name of Shore, may be an antidote to ſtop the poiſonous and foul contagion of raging luſt for ever.