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thirty; at other times his being diſfigured with the ſmall pox, and many other exceptions ſhe made. However, her father’s poſitive commands and the rich preſents her lover made her, won her conſent or ſeemingly ſhe yielded to the match, and ſo married they were in great pomp; many of the court, as well as the city being invited to her wedding, which was kept with great feaſting, many days.

The wedding being over, and the bridegroom having enjoyed his charming bride, grew exceedingly fond of her, even to dotage, which ſickened and pulled her love toward him, and he perceiving it, ſtrove to wind himſelf more into her affections; and to this end he clothed her very richly, and adorned her with jewels, denying her nothing ſhe deſired, or that he thought would tend to her ſatisfaction or delight.

It was not long before Lord Haſtings heard the unwelcome tidings,