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that big faireſt Jane was married; which, however, did not make him give over his purpoſe of enjoying her fair body ſo that often he reſorted to ſee her treating her at home, and her huſband abroad; often inviting them both to court and took his opportunities to pour out many amorous diſcourſes endeavouring, by all means, to make her defile the marriage-bed. And one time intending to try his utmoſt efforts, he threw her on a bed when they were alone; but ſhe got from him, and ran to her huſband, telling him plainly how rude Lord Haſtings had been, which angering Shore he modeſtly rebuked him, and forbade him his houſe, which made him go away in a great heat, but reſolving to be revenged.

This Lord, being Chamberlain to K. Edward the IV. having frequently his ear; and finding he was much inclined to fine women, though he was married to Lady Elizabeth Grey, took an opportunity to tell him of Jane’s beauty, extolling her wit