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14, Nottingham Place,
September 22nd, 1875.

To Mrs. Edmund Maurice.

Thanks for the Hampstead Express. I think it very important you should know what to say about the Traitors' Hill l question for me if anyone asks you. I do not purpose pledging myself to any one spot, until I have carefully prepared a general map, to see where space is most needed. My impression is that I shall care most (now that the Swiss Cottage Fields are gone) for small central spaces ; but this may not prove to be the case. I shall work first to secure that 10,000, and the grave-yards, and shall obtain co- operation from the Com. Pres. Society, or else some new body appointed ad hoc, before I do anything for any one place, as, in all probability, I shall not, myself, work in so much detail for any. Those which remain to be secured are. so far as I know them, so much more on a level in importance, that I can work for them gradually, quietly and less personally. But I can pledge myself to nothing of any sort or kind till I have met Mr. Hunter, Mr. Redford, and a few others, and have explored the subject in its general bearings.

October 3rd, 1875.

To Miss Harris.

What have we to tell thee of brightest and best? First I was most delighted with what I learnt of the B 's Court Women's and Girls' Institute at a little Committee at Mrs. Hart's on Tuesday. I knew the influence was strong and beautiful there ; but I had not realised how very much corporate life there

Now better known as Parliament Hill.