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was among the women themselves ; how much they felt the Institute their own ; how they cared for and worked for it. I am to help the singing class there myself, this year, to try to introduce better songs and thoughts in the court. I hope for much help from musical people ; but we want all so very simple. I shall keep the conduct of all myself. Did I tell thee that Miss Peters is engaged to be married ? I am very glad ; and yet I am, perhaps, selfish enough not to be able quite to forget my own loss. However, she stays with us for a year, and is very sweet. It is very nice being so much in B 's Court now. I do like the people there. B., who was so utterly drunken has been steady now for many months ; he has such a nice house, and is a leader among the teetotalers. Quite a large group of girls were gathered round the notice board announcing the re-opening of the Institute. We used to say that no notice was of any use ; but they were eagerly reading, and asked me to read to them the new teachers' names and explain other points ; and this though there was a counter attraction in the shape of a quarrel. Good progress is being made in Leeds. They have bought two more blocks of buildings ; Miss Martin and Miss Bakewell are to manage them.

October 3rd, 1875.

To Mr Cockerell.

You will be glad to hear that Dr. has reported to the Board of Works as to districts requiring to be dealt with under the Art. Dwell. Bill, and has not included B 's Court. I think he has chosen the

right spots, and am glad, tho' I was prepared for the