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I am busy about Quaker's Burial Ground, and Arch- bishop's meeting and other things.

Derwent Bank,
March 27th, 1877.

To Mrs Edmund Maurice.

I have replied to Mr. L. and Fawcett pretty much in full . . . and reiterate my own strong con- viction that the railway is not needed, that it will spoil the Heath's beauty and need not increase accessi- bility ; compare the erection of a station to any which might be erected in Kensington Gardens on the same plea ; state my own opinions strongly, and " let it work." You will judge whether to do more. I am doing my little best which means many fruitless letters about Bunhill Fields, the Archbishop's meeting, . . . and my poor Lambeth. It is unfruitful work so far ; but all things must have a season of sowing, and the reaping must come some day. Numbers of people, too, are doing their best to help, which is beautiful. ... I have, you see, so very much of many kinds in my life.

A letter on the opening of B. Court Club on Sunday.

April 13th, 1877.

To Mr. Cockerell.

I think, as I live so very near, and as my life is so much in my own hands to plan, so that I can (and I will) rest on other days, that I will, if I am better and return, take up some small bit of work on a Sunday, afternoon, down there, or perhaps get the girls to come to me in the evening. My life seems meant for this, if

for anything ; only the worst is that I seem not to have