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that glad bright sympathy with young things, which makes some of my friends able to make such classes a real joy to the girls. However, I will try or try to try.

14, Nottingham Place,
July 7th, 1877.

To Mr. Cockerell.

... I rather thought of " St. Christopher's Buildings " if the name must be changed. I'm very fond of St. Christopher. His early history, less known than the later parts, is to me very beautiful ; and, associated in my mind with B. Crt., the way he learnt that the good thing was the strong thing, seems to me very grand. And he learnt it by service and bearing too. The world would fancy it was named after some old church ; and I should hear the grand old legend in the name. Is it too fantastic a name ? Do you know the early part of St. Christopher's life, I wonder ? I think in B. Crt. we want all to be reminded that the devil is himself afraid when he really sees the good thing. Also I like St. Christopher's respect for his own physical strength. . . . Everyone is so kind. I think I have a magnificent set of friends. As to Mrs. Shaen and Lady Ducie they really are like angels. I hardly knew Mrs. Shaen's height of nature till now, and her expressive- ness makes her a great delight ; while Lady Ducie's magnificent silent sympathy, and that exquisite depth of tenderness of hers, are so very beautiful. The servants too, and the children, and the people who come in and out to help, and are not very near, their silent little acts of thoughtful kindness touch me often very much. I ought to be so very full of thankfulness and joy.