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List of Carthusians.

Beauclerk, Charles William, 1826. Brother of the above, b. 1816. Ch. Ch. Oxf. d. 1863.

Beauclerk, Frederic Amelius, 1864. Son of the late Lord F. Beauclerk, b. 1851.

Beauclerk (Lord) George Augustus, 1831. Son of the 8th Duke of St Albans, b. 1818. Served with 10th Hussars in the Crimea (medal). Retired as Major 6th Dragoon Guards.

Beauford, Henry William, 1823, of Eaton Socon, Beds. b. 1814. Magd. Coll. Cam.

Beaumont, Francis William, 1820, b. 1809. Trin. Coll. Cam. A.B. 1831.

Beavan, Hugh Maurice, 1872, Son of Edward Beavan, of Wimbledon, Barrister, b. 1857. Caius Coll. Cam. Lieut. 21st Hussars.

Becher, George Richard, 1820, b. 1808.

Beckford, George (Lord Rivers), 1821. Eldest son of Horace W. Beckford, 3rd Lord Rivers, b. 1810; succeeded as 4th Lord Rivers 1831, d. 1866.

Beddoes, Charles Henry, 1817. Brother of C. H. Beddoes (below), b. 1805. Royal Navy.

Beddoes, Thomas Lovell, 1817. Son of Dr. Beddoes, and nephew of Maria Edgeworth, b. 1803. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. M.D. of Wurzburg. Poet and Dramatist, Author of "The Bride's Tragedy," "Poems," &c. d. 1849.

Beddome, Richard Henry, 1843-46, b. 1830. Col. Madras Staff Corps. Conservator of Forests (Madras).

Bedford, John, 1815-17, b. 1806.

Bedford, Richard Bisse Riland, 1844-48. Son of Rev. W. R. Bedford, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, b. 1830. B.N.C. Oxf. 79th Highlanders ; retired. Adjutant 5th Adm. Battn. Staffordshire Rifle Volunteers, 1861.

Beet, John G., 1809-16, b. 1800.

Bell, Alexander, 1807-10, b. 1794. India Civil Service.

Bell, Cornwallis, 1803.

Bell, George Panton, 1830, b. 1820.

Bell, James, 1827, b. 1817. Queens Coll. Cam. A.B. 1837.