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Most Holy Child Jesus.


The duty of honouring parents Almighty God has put before all other duties, next to those which refer directly to Himself. Even before the commandment not to kill comes that to honour father and mother.

And it is accompanied by a promise of good; whereas disobedience to parents is so hateful to God, that under the Old Law, which was the shadow of the Catholic Faith, disobedient children were put to death. So also was he that cursed or struck father or mother; and the wise King Solomon, inspired by the Holy Ghost, has said: 'The eye that mocketh at his father and that despiseth the labour of his mother in bearing him, let the ravens of the brook peck it out and the young eagles devour it' (Prov. xxx. 17).

Be obedient also to your other lawful superiors. Obey them in all that is not sin.

Be respectful to them at all times; be respectful also to the aged; do your best