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The Little Book of the

to aid and comfort the infirm and helpless. It is a hateful thing to he disrespectful to the old and gray-headed. 'Rise up,' it is written in the Law, 'before the hoary head, and honour the person of the aged man, and fear the Lord thy God.'


Beware of idleness in school. I cannot say how much idleness it would take to render you guilty of the deadly sin of sloth, but you may be sure that all wilful waste of time is on the way to it.

It is but little thought of by most children, but when it is given way to and made a habit of it is a manifold wrong. It is a wrong to those who teach you, for you sorely try their patience; you remain a dunce and fail to do them justice. It is a wrong to your parents, who when they send you to school can but expect a due return. It is a still greater wrong to yourself. You neglect the improvement of your