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Light Company under Captain Glew, and detachment of the 8th, or King's Regiment, under Captain Campbell; and Royals acting with them, also a party of Incorporated Militia, by whom the brunt of the Action was for a considerable time sustained, and whose loss has been severe. To the advance under Lieutenant Colonel Pearson, consisting of the Glengary Light Infantry, under Lieut. Colonel Battersby; a small party of the 104th under Lieut. Colonel Drummond; the Incorporated Militia under Lieut. Colonel Robinson, and detachments from the ist, 2d, 4th and 5th, Lincoln Militia, and 2d, York, under Lieut. Colonel Pary, 103d ; the Lieut. General offers his warmest thanks. They are also due to the Troops which arrived under Colonel Scott during the action, viz., the ist or Royal Scots, under Lieut. Colonel Gordon, 8th or Kings, under Major Evans; 103d regiment under Colonel Scott, flank compauy 104th, with the Norfolk, Oxford, Kent, and Essex Rangers, and Middlesex, under Lieut. Colonel Hamilton.

The admirable steadiness and good conduct of the 19th Light Dragoons under Major Lisle, and of the detachment of Royal Artillery under Captain Maclachlan, are entitled to particular praise ; the latter officer having been badly wounded, the command of the Artillery devolved to Captain Mackonochie, with whose gallantry and exertions Lieut General Drummond was highly pleased. Sergeant Austin who directed the firing of the Congreve Rockets, deserves very great credit. To the Officers of the general and of his personal Staff, to Captain Holland Aid-de-Camp to Major-General R{{small-caps|iall}, Lieutenant-General Drummond feels himself greatly indebted for the assistance they afforded him.

He has to lament being deprived (by a wound early in the action) of the services of Major General Riall, who was most unfortunately made Prisoner, whilst returning from the Field, by a party of the enemy's Cavalry, who had a momentary possession of the Road. —

Lieut. General Drummond has also to regret the wounds which have deprived the corps of the services of Lieut. Colonel Morrison 89th Regiment, and Lieut. Colonel Robertson of the incorporated Militia. In the fall of Lieut. Moorsom of the 104th Regiment, serving as Deputy Asst. Adjutant General, the service has lost a gallant, intelligent, and meritorious young officer.

The Lieut. General and President has great pleasure in dismissing to their homes the whole of the Sedentary Militia who have so handsomely come forward on the occasion, confident that on any future emergency, their Loyalty will be again equally conspicuous — He will perform a grateful duty in representing to His Majesty's Government, the zeal, bravery, and alacrity with which the Militia have co-operated with His Majesty's Troops.

(Signed) J. HARVEY.

Lt. Col. & Deputy Adjt. General.