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order to save the Dustoor-ridden laity,is a serious question. We know of two remedies only. Assuming the Bombay Review's theory as to the origin of Dustoor to be correct, the best thing we could do with him would be to hand him over to Mr. Hyndman.[1] The Dustoor is at the bottom of the "bleeding" process, and we can guess how Mr. Hyndman would deal with the vampire.

The second best thing would be to send the Dustoor on a long tour in Europe and America in charge of a capable bear-leader. Such tour is sure to do the unfortunate patient much good, the best of it being that he would know his exact place in the world.

As to the Rast Goftar's (Truth Teller) clamours to have the Dustoor delivered up to him, I think that such a course would be wanton cruelty. The streets of Bombay are not made for bull- fights.

There are many other ways in which to utilise the Dustoor, such as damming up the breach in the Narbadá bridge, sending up to Kandahar for transport duty, to Simla for exhibition, to the Jamsetji Hospital for vivisection, &c. &c.

  1. An enthusiastic English writer on Indian politico-financial questions, who says India is being bled to death.