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his name implies. He is often found loafing about the outskirts of Gujarát; but he is by no means a loafer. His forefathers were substantial Hindu farmers, somewhere between Kapadwanj and Viramgaum, what time the followers of the Prophet went from Ahmedabad lower down, with the sword in one hand and the Koran[1] in the other. As this is not a scientific paper, I shall proceed with a strictly personal history of Adamji, leaving further details of his origin to the faithful chronicler. Suffice it to say, for the present purpose, that Adamji comes of remote Hindu ancestry. He resembles the Hindu of Gujarát more in features than any other people. In habits he is milder than the mildest Hindu. He dresses like the Hindu, except in the matter of the páyamá[2] and the pugri. He speaks the language of the province with a peculiar accent. Frugality and simplicity are the leading features of Adamji's character.

My Adamji.

But to give a true picture of his character, it will be best to write of my Adamji bin Didamji. I made his acquaintance about fifteen years ago.

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