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A. Much depressed leafless plants forming matted patches 1-4 in. high. Flowers usually reddish.
* Branchlets thin, linear or narrow linear.
Flowers solitary or racemose. Pods obliquely ovate-orbicular, usually 1-seeded 1. C. Enysii.
Flowers solitary; peduncles long. Pods 3–4-seeded 2. C. uniflora.
Flowers racemose. Pods 3–6-seeded 3. C. nana.
** Branchlets very stout and thick, flattened, with rounded edges.
Flowers racemose. Pods large, turgid, 6–14-seeded 4. C. Monroi.
B. Erect or spreading shrubs 1–10 ft. high. Flowers usually purplish or streaked with purple, rarely white. Valves of the pod separating from the persistent replum.
* Usually leafless when mature (sometimes leafy in 8, C. subulata).
† Branchlets broad, flat, and thin.
Branchlets ⅓–½ in. broad. Flowers large, ¾–1 in. Pod 1 in., turgid 5. C. Williamsii.
Branchlets 1/51/3 in. Flowers small, 1/81/6 in. Pod ⅓–½ in.; valves slightly convex. Seeds red 6. C australis.
†† Branchlets narrow, terete, plano-convex or compressed.
Branchlets very stout, often terete, 1/121/8 in. diam. Pod ¼–½ in., turgid. Seeds 2–6 7. C Petriei.
Branchlets slender, compressed or plano-convex, 1/201/10 in. diam. Pod ¼–⅓ in., turgid, subulate, acuminate. Seeds usually 2 8. C. subulata.
Branchlets slender, terete or plano-convex, 1/151/10 in. diam. Pod ⅓ in., oblong, turgid, narrowed below 9. C. virgata.
Branchlets very slender, almost filiform. Pod small, 1/61/5 in., obliquely oblong. Seed 1, rarely 2 10. C. diffusa.
** Usually leafy in spring and early summer (sometimes leafless in C. flagelliformis).
† Pod more or less compressed, or only slightly convex.
Branchlets glabrous, deeply grooved, erect. Racemes 5–12-flowered. Flowers large, ¼ in. Pod oblong, beak rather long 11. C. grandiflora.
Branchlets pubescent, compressed, drooping. Racemes 10–20-flowered. Flowers small, 1/81/6 in. Pod oblong, narrowed into a long beak 12. C. odorata.
Branchlets glabrous, compressed or terete. Racemes 10–40-flowered. Pod narrowed into a long beak 13. C. angustata.
Branchlets slender, grooved, often fastigiate. Racemes 3–7-flowered. Flowers small. Pod obliquely ovate, suddenly narrowed into a long beak 14. C. flagelliformis.
†† Pod conspicuously turgid.
Stems slender, often twining. Branchlets almost filiform, grooved. Flowers large, ⅓–½ in. Pod elliptic, beak very long 15. C. gracilis.
C (Huttonella). Erect or prostrate shrubs 1–4 ft. high. Flowers small. Pod small, usually indehiscent, swollen, often broader than deep; beak turned abruptly upwards.
* Leafless when mature.
Erect. Branchlets numerous, terete. Racemes lax. Flowers 1/5 in. 16. C. compacta.