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it showed that Bathilda was devoted to her and that it was a feeling of unselfishness which made her continue these duties when the circumstances no longer demanded them.

As soon as Adelaide was dressed, she and Bathilda went to spend an hour or so in the garden which was about the same size as the main room and which had such a high wall that all hope of climbing over it had to be abandoned from the start.

"As for those tools," said Bathilda, on looking at the spades, "if Milady will agree, we will not touch them. I don't want to die here and I especially don't want to dig my own grave. Let's not be sad, and let's eat in the garden under the cypress tree which is supposed to cover our tomb. Let's eat these boiled carrots which they have brought us for our lunch. At least the water is good here; it is fresh. I would not have believed it. It certainly must not come from that stagnant pond which surrounds us."

Then the princess, encouraged by the philosophical gaiety of her companion, imitated her and ate half of the sad looking dish which had been brought them.

"It is fortunate that we still have our money and jewelry," said Adelaide.

"Oh, Milady, those people were not thieves; they were only interested in vengeance."

"But why do they want to take vengeance on me? Did I have anything to do with the death of Kaunitz? Was he my lover? What head would not turn on thinking about all these contradictions?"

"Kaunitz," said Bathilda, "made some kind of rash mistake. The prince was fooled by this mistake, and these people, who have believed only the public rumors, are avenging their brother believing you guilty."

"Well anyway, we will die without knowing the cause of our misfortunes."

"No, Milady, we will know, because we will not die here and we will have the opportunity of knowing everything."

After lunch the two unhappy women began again their somber task.