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In Dresden, everything was running smoothly. The Marquis of Thuringia governed with as much inspiration as wisdom the states which had been left to his care. There were good times within the borders and no troubles with the exterior. Everything announced to Germany that Saxony could only be happy if its government fell into the hands of such a wise man. But if his head was calm, his heart was not happy. Separated from the one he loved, not knowing where she was, knowing that she had escaped from Torgau, but not having heard a word from her, he was in a constant state of uneasiness. He knew that Frederick had undertaken his trip to find Adelaide and would make her extremely unhappy if he ever found her. In spite of all this, he devoted himself to the people in an effort to bring about happiness to others, even if he could not have it himself.

The prince, after having spent some time in Hamburg, made up his mind to visit Holland. In the company of Mersburg, he was beginning to know men as he had never known them before while he was on the throne. He mingled with all classes, and was able for the first time to understand many of the characteristics of those in court who gain what they want through flattery rather than through real merit.

One day he was dining in Amsterdam with one of the most famous merchants in Europe, and keeping his incognito, he engaged him in conversation.

"Sir," the merchant said, "you will have to agree that my occupations and my connections are more important and more vast than those of a reigning prince, and if this truth is estab-