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for the Day," "Ecclesiastical Reform," *' Studies in Modern Problems." He is the author of some tracts, pamphlets, theological books, and sermons; and an occa- sional contributor to periodic litera- ture — amongst other reviews, to the Nineteenth Century, Fortnightly, and Contemporary Reviews.

SHORE, The Rev. Thomas Tbionmouth, M.A., born at Dublin in 1841, is the representative of the younger branch of the ancient family of the Shores of Derbyshire, some of whom went to Ireland in the service of the Crown. He was educated at Trinity College, Dub- lin, where he graduated in 18(51, having obtained distinguished honours in English composition and in divinity, and he afterwards proceeded to the degree of M.A. (comitatis caiud) at Oxford. He was ordained in 1866 by the Bishop of London (Dr. Tait), and having held successively the curacies of Chelsea and of Kensington, and been for two years incumbent of St. Mildred's, Lee, he was appointed in 1873 to the incumbency of Berkeley Chapel, Mayfair, which he still holds. This chtirch has during Mr. Shore's incumbency become one of the most important and crowded at the West-end, and is the centre of much religious activity in the surrounding dis- trict. One well-known feature in the Sunday services is the special service for children, which is largely attended, some members of the Royal family being generally among the congregation. Mr. Shore has been from time to time selected to preach at Westminster Abbey and at St. Paul's, and has frequently been summoned to preivch in Her Majesty's private chapel at Windsor Castle. He has published two volumes, entitled

  • ' Some Difficulties of Belief," and

" The Life of the World to Come," which have already gone through several editions, and a volume of sermons to children, "St. George

for England," which is dedicated to the Princesses of Wales; and he is also one of the contributors selected by the Bishop of Glou- cester and Bristol for his lordship's New Testament Commentaory. A sermon preached by Mr. Shore in Westminster Abbey in 1877 was translated into Gisrman by tiie Princess Victoria of Hesse, and printed at Darmstadt. Mr. Shore was appointed one of Her Majesty's chaplains in July, 1878, in succes- sion to Dr. Maclagan, Bishop of Lichfield.

SHORTHOUSE, Joseph Henry, was born in 1834, in Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and educated at private schools. He is the author of "John Inglesant," a romance, 1881; " The Platonism of Wordsworth," 1881; and the pre- face to George Herbert's "Temple." 1882.

SIAM, EiNo OF. (See Chao Pha Chulalonkobn.)

SIDGWICK, Hbnby, M.A., bora at Skipton in Yorkshire, in 1838, was educated at Rugby and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was Pel- low of Trinity CoUege from 1859 to 1869; and Lecturer of Trinity Col- lege from 1859 to 1875, when he was appointed Prelector of Moral and Political Philosophy. He was elected an honorary Fellow of Trinity College, April 16, 1881. Mr. Sidgwick is the author of a work on " The Methods of Ethics," and several articles on philoso- phical and literary subjects. He took a prominent part in the pro- motion of the Higher Education of Women at Cambridge, especially in the foundation and management of Newnham College. A work by him on the " Principles of Politick Economy" is in the press.

SIXES, Sib Chables Wiij^iam, bom in 1818, is the second son of the late Mr. Shakespear Garrick Sikes, banker, of Huddersfield, by Hannali, daughter of Mr. John Hurst, also of Huddersfield. In 1833 he entered the service of the