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have l>een published. He is the author of "Practical Lithotomy and Lithotrity," published in 18(»3, and was appointed Surgfoon Extra- ordinary to the hite Kin«< of the Belj^ians in 18(^3, and to the present Kinjf in 1800. He was nuuU* a cor- responding^ member of the Society of Surgery in Paris in 1850, hono- rary member of I'Accademia de* Quiriti at Eome, an OflScer of the Order of Leopold in 18(U, and a Commander of the same Order in 187G. He was knighted in 1807. An article written by him in the Contemporary Review, in 1873, drew public attention to the subject of cremation. Sir Henry has since written other articles on the same subject ; and, in the Contemporary Review in 1874, a paper on ** The Prayer for the Sick : hints towards a serious attempt to estimate its value." Sir Henry Thompson studied painting under Mr. Elmore and Mr. Alma Tadema, and he has frequently exhibited pictures at the Royal Academy.

THOMPSON, The Eev. William Hepwobth, D.D., F.S.A., born at York, March 27, 1810, was educated privately and at Trinity College, Cambridge, of which he was elected a Scholar in 1830, a Fellow in 1834, Assistant Tutor in 1837, and Tutor in 1844. He was elected Regius Professor of Greek in Cambridge University, and made a Canon of Ely in 1853, and on the death of Dr. Whewell in 1860 was appointed to the mastership of Trinity Col- lege. In addition to editing Archer butler's Lectures on Ancient Philo- sophy, he is the author of papers on Plato and Isocrates read before the Cambridge Philosophical Society; of a ** Sermon preached in Trinity CoUege Chapel at the Conmiemo- ration ;*' of editions of the Phtedrus and Gorgias of Plato (1871), with dissertations and notes. He was appointed a member of the Public Schools Commission ia 1861, and is a member of the governing bodies of Eton and Westminster Schools,

and of Cheltenham College, and an honorary Canon of Ely Cathedral.

THOMS. William John, F.S.A., son of the lat<} N. Thorns, Esq., Secretary of the first Commission of Revenue Inquiry, was born in Westminster, Nov. 10, 1S03, and commenced life as a clerk in the Secretary's Office, Chelsea Hospital, occupying his leisure in contribut- ing to the Foreign Qxiarterly Review and other periodicals. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1838, and is a Fellow of the Societies of Antiquaries of Edinburgh and Copenhagen, and was from 1838 to 1873 Secretary of the Camden Society. His first publication, "A Collection of Early Pi-ose liomances," appeared in 1828, and reached a second edition. He has compiled "Lays and Legends of Various Nations," published in 1834 ; " Book of the Court, in 1838; "Three Notelets on Shak- spere," in 1805 ; and " Hannah Lightfoot, Queen Charlotte, and the Chevalier D'Eon, Dr. Wilmot's Polish Princess, &c.," in 1807 ; and has edited " Anecdotes and- Tradi- tions," published in 1839 ; " Stow's Survey of London," in 1842; and " Cax ton's Reynard the Fox," in 1844. Mr. Thoms was the projector and editor of Notes and Queries, which he was enabled to carry out most successfully^ in consequence of the personal regard felt for him by a large circle of literary friends, who on his retirement from it in Oct,, 1873, not only presented him with an elegant silver tea-service, but honoured him with a compli- mentary dinner. Mr. Thoms has lately paid much attention to ultra- Centenarianism, and, in 1873, pub- lished his " Longevity of Man," the first book in which it was shown that cases of extreme old age, like all other matters of fact, should not be accepted except upon most satisfactory evidence. Mr. Thoms has held for many years an appoint- ment in the House of Lords; in 1863, without any application on 3x2