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him the direction of the " Diction- naire des Contemporains," which occupied hie whole attention for four years, the first edition appear- ing in 1858. M. Vapereau continued to labour at this great undertaking, and the "Supplement" was pub- lished in 1859 ; a new edition of the work, revised and considerably augmented, in 1861, the " Supple- ment" to the new edition in 1863, the third edition, in a great measure rewritten, in 1865, the fourth edi- tion in 1870, and the fifth edition in 1880. Since 1859, M. Vapereau has issued yearly ** L*Annee Lit- teraire et Dramatique," an annual review of the principal productions of French literature, and the tenth volimie contains a general table of the ten previous years. M. Vape- reau subsequently brought out another important work, a " Dic- tionnaire Universel des Litt^ra- tnres." He was nominated Prefect of the Cantal by the GTovemment of the National Defence in Sept., 1870. He was Prefect of the de- partment of Tam-et-G8u:onne, from March 26, 1871 till March 31, 1873. He returned to the University as Inspector -General of Public In- struction (primary education), Jan. 23, 1877, and he was decorated with the Legion of Honour, Feb. 7, 1878. VAUGHAN, The Vbbt Rev. Ohables John, D.D., Dean of Llandaff, son of the late Eev. E. T. Vaughan, Vicar of St. Martin's, Leicester, born in 1816, was edu- cated at Eu^by and at Trinity Col- lege, Cambridge, where he closed a brilliant career by taking his B.A. degree in 1838 as Senior Classic and Chancellor's Medallist, being bracketed with Lord Lyttleton. He was elected to a Fellowship at Trinity College in 1839, and having held the living of St. Martin's, Leicester, for three years, became Head Master of Harrow School in 1844 ; held that post till the close of 1859, when he resigned, having had the satisfaction of seeing the school raised under his mastership

from a comparatively low ebb to great prosperity, if numbers be a test of success. Early in 1860 he was offered, but refused, the Bishop- ric of Rochester, and shortly after- wards was appointed to the Vicarage of Doncaster, which he held until 1869, when he was appointed to the Mastership of the Temple. In 1879 he was appointed Dean of Llandaff. This api)ointment did not vacate the Mastership of the Temple, which is an office of very smaU emolument, and not a "benefice" in the legal sense of that word. In May, 1882, Dr. Vaughan was appointed one of the Deputy Clerks of the Closet in Ordinary to Her Majesty. He has published ** Memorials of Harrow Sundays," a selection of sermons, 1859 ; " Revision of the Liturgy," five discourses, 1860 ; " The Church of the First Days," being lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, 1864 (in progress) ; " Characteristics of Christ's Teacliing, drawn from the Sermon on the Motmt," 1866 ; " Last Words in the Parish Church of Don- caster," 1870 ; " Christ satisfying the Instincts of Humanity," eigM, lectures delivered in the Temple Church, 1870 ; "Counsels to Young Students," 1870 j "Half-Hours in the Temple Church," 1871 ; " The Presence of God in his Temple," 1872; "The Solidity of True ReH- gion," 1874 ; " Addresses to Young Clergymen," 1875 ; " My Son, give Me fiune Heart," sermons preached before the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 1876-78 j and seve- ral other collections of sermons.

VAUGHAN, The Right Rev. Hebbebt, D.D., Bishop of Salford, eldest son of the late Lieut.-Col. j Vaughan of Courtfield, Hereford- shire, born at Gloucester, April 15, 1832, received his education at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, on the Continent, and in Rome. He founded and is still President- General of St. Joseph's Foreign Missionary College (Catholic), Mill Hill, Middlesex, and towards j the close of the year 1871 ac- 1