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1080 WADE.

the University he settled in France, | tion of the Duf aure cabinet in having, on attaining his majority, , Dec, 1877, M. Waddington became personally chosen the nationality Minister of Foreign Affairs. He adopted by his father. He became ' was the first plenipotentiary of a member of the Society of Anti- France at the Congress of Berlin quaries of France, and in the pur- ^ in 1878. After the resignation of suit of his favourite studies relat- Marshal MacMahon and the retreat ing to ancient coins and inscrip- of M. Duf aure, M. Waddington was tions, he visited Asia Minor (in 1850 i invited by M. Gr^vy to remain at and 1862), England, and Germany, the Foreign Office while aasiiming His valuable contributions towards | the Presidency of the Council (Feb. the history and archsdology of I 4, 1879). He had in that capacity France led to his being elected, in j to maintain before the Parliament 1865, a member of the Academy of i a policy which was considered too Inscriptions and Belles Lettres. In Republican by the Senate and too that year he endeavoured at a bye- moilerate by the Chamber of Depu- election to enter the Corps Legis- | ties. On Dec. 27, 1879, he resigned, latif, as member for the fourth and was replaced as Minister of circonscription of the department I Foreign Affairs and as President of of the Aisne, but his candidature the Council by one of his colleagues, was unsuccessful. However, on | M. de Freycinet. At this juncture Feb. 8, 1871, he was sent as a re- i he refused the offer of the London presentative of that department to | embassy, and paid a visit to Italy, the National Assembly. At first | where he was received by the King he sat in the Left Centre, but at l (March, 1880). He was appointed the close of the year he withdrew | Ambassador at the Court of St. from the constitutional monarchical j Jameses in succession to M, Tissot, party and allied himself to the i in July, 1883. He is President of republicans, giving a hearty sup- , the General Council of the depart- port to the policy of M. Thiers. He ment of the Aisne. He is a P^tes- was a member of numerous com- ' tant, and related to the Bunsens, missions, and was the reporter of i whose late mother, the wife of the law relating to the Conseils ' the chevalier, was a Waddington. G^neraux (Aug., 1871). Appointed M. Waddingfton has published : Minister of Public Instruction, in I — *^' Voyage en Asie Mineure au the place of M. Jules Simon, May ' point de vue numismatique," 1852 ; 19, 1873, M. Waddington retired, \ a continuation of Lebas' "Voyage five days later, with M. Thiers, and Arch^logique en Gr^ce et en Asie resumed his seat on the benches of > Mineure, 1862 ; and " L'Edit de the Left Centre. Except on some i Diocletien," with new fragments questions of detail, or rather of | and a commentary, 1864. The King procedure, M. Waddington voted i of the Belgians conferred the Grand regularly with the Republicans. Riband of the Order of Leopold on On Jan. 30, 1876, he was elected a I M. Waddington in April, 1878. He Senator for the department of the j was elected an honorary Fellow of Aisne, together with M. Henri Mar- . Trinity College, Cambridge, April tin and M. Saint- Vallier : his term | 16, 1881.

of office will expire in 1885. He was; WADE, Sir Thomas Francis, recalled to the Ministry of Public , K.C.B., elder son of Colonel Thomas Instruction in the Cabinet of March Wade, C.B., born about 1820, en- 10, 1876, in succession to M. Wallon, i tered the army as Ensign in the and he retained his portfolio under i 81st Foot in 1838, and served after- the administration of M. Jules I wards in China and elsewhere in Simon, with whom he resigned | the 42nd Highlanders and the 98th pffice May 17, 1877. On the forma- | Foot, from which he retired a9