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Lieutenant in 1847. In 1843 he was appointed Interpreter to the garrison of Honj;? Konjj^, and in 1847 Assistant Chinese Secretary ; in 1852 he was made Vice-Consul at Shanghai, where he acted as Inspector of Customs for the Chinese Government. In 1855 he was appointed Chinese Secretary at Hong Kong, and in the same year he was sent by the late Sir John Bowring on a special mission to Cochin China. Owing to his fami- liarity with the native character and language he was attached to Lord Elgin's Mission to China in 1857-59, and in the last-named year he was appointed Chinese Secretary to our Mission in China. In this capacity he accompanied Lord Elgin's Special Mission to Pekin in Oct., 1860. In 1861 he was nomi- nated a C.B. (Civil Division) ; in the following year he became Chinese Secretary and Translator to the British Legation in China, and was acting Charge d'Affaires at Pokin from June, 1864, to Nov., 1865, and again from Nov., 1869, to July, 1871, when he was appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary and Chief-Superin- tendent of British Trade in China. He was advanced to the rank of K.C.B. in Nov., 1875, for his exer- tions in negotiating important treaties with the Chinese Govern- ment, and obtaining trading facili- ties in that empire. Sir Thomas Wade is the author of " Tzii-Erh Chi" (Progressive Course), 1867, which deals with both colloquial and documentary Chinese, and is of great value to students of the Chinese language.

WAIAPU, Bishop of. (See Stuabt, E. C.)

WAITE, MoBRisoN Eenisch, LL.D., born at Lyme, Connecticut, Nov. 29, 1816. A.B. (Yale), 1837. After hia admission to the bar he removed to Ohio, where he practised successfully in Maumee City and Toledo. He was a member of the State Legislature in 1819, and one

of the arbitrators of the Geneva tribunal in 1872. He was Presi- dent of the Ohio Constitutional Convention in 1873, and in March, 1874, was appointed by President Grant Chief Justice of the United States. His course in that position has been singularly free from politi- cal or persomil prejudice, he declin- ing to serve as one of the Electoral Commission to decide the Presiden- tial Controversy of 1876.

WALES (Pbince op), H.E.H. Albebt Edwabd, heir-apparent to the British crown, eldest son of Her Majesty and the late Prince Consort, born at Buckingham Palace, Nov. 9, 1841, received his early education imder the Rev. Henry M. Birch, rector of Prest- wich, Mr. Gibbs, barrister-at-law, the Eev. C. F. Tai-ver, and Mr. H. W. Fisher, and having studied for a session at Edinburgh, entered Christ Church, Oxford, where he attended the public lectures for a year, and afterwards resided for three or four terms at Cambridge for the same purpose. His Eoyal Highness spent most of the summer of 1860 in a visit to the United States and Canada, where he was most enthusiastically received, was in 1858 gazetted to a colonelcy in the army, and ioined the camp at the Curragh in JTune, 1861 . Accom- panied by Dean Stanley, the Prince travelled in the East, and visited Jerusalem in 1862. His Boyal Highness is a E.G., a general in the army, and Colonel of the 10th Hussars, and has the titles of Duke of Cornwall (by which he took his seat in the House of Lords in Feb., 1863), in the Peerage of England ; Duke of Eothesay, Baron of Een- frew, and Lord of the Isles in Scot- land ; and Earl of Dublin and Car- rick in Ireland ; and enjoys the patronage of twenty-nine livings, chiefly as owner of the Duchy of Cornwall. His Boyal Highness married, March 10, 1863, the Prin- cess Alexandra of Denmark, by whom he has issue. Prince Albert