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Chancellor Selbome,'* for tlie Mer- I cers' Company; a large hunt- i picture, entitled "A November Morning at Birdsall House, York- i shire," 1875 ; " Mr. Robert Jardine, ' with Greyhounds," 187G; "The Old Stonebreaker," and the Laurel Walk," 1879. In 1880 he exhibited his large painting of "Victoria Begina," representing the Queen in the early morning of June 20th, 1837, receiving news of the death of WilUam IV. and the homage of Archbishop Howley and the Lord Chamberlain. In 1882 was exhi- bited " Friends at Yewden," a group of Academicians (including the painter himself) and other friends, painted for the collection of Mr. G. C. Schwabo. Mr. Wells was elected a Koyal Academician in June, 1870.

WELLS, Sir Thomas Spencer, Bart., M.D., is the eldest son of the late Mr. William Wells, of St. Alban*8, Hertfordshire, by Harriet, (laughter of the late Mr. William Wright, of East Sheen, Richmond, Surrey. He was born in 1818 at St. Alban's, and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He gained his first medical experience in the Infirmary and School of Medicine at Leeds, and 6ul>sequently studied in the Anatomical School at Dublin, and at St. Thomas's Hospital. He was admitted a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1841, and in IHVi was elected one of the hono- rary fellows created by the new ('barter. Having bec^ome an assist- ant-surgeon in the Navy, he saw some active service, both afloat and ashore, before and during the Cri- mean war ; and he was sent out in 1851-5, under the auspices of Mr. Sydney Herbert, as chief surgeon at Smyrna, and at Rankei on the Dardanelles. Returning to Eng- land at the close of the Russian war, he devoted himself to the study of that branch of professional science with which his name is associated — namely, ovariotomy, and connected himself with the Samaritan Hos-

pital for Women. He is not only President of the College of Surgeons (in which capacity he delivered the Hunterian Oration in 1882), but a Fellow of the Royal Medical and Chirugical Society, and surgeon to Her Majesty's Household, and at the third centenary of the Univer- sity of Leydon he had conferred upon him the degree of an honorary M.D. Her Majesty, in April, 1883, conferred u]X)n him the honour of a baronetcy in acknowledgment of "the distinguished services which he has rendered to the medical profes- sion and to humanity." Sir Spencer Wells is the author of several im- portant surgical works, especially on those improvements in operative surgery to which he has specially devoted himself. Mr. Wells married in 1853, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. James Wright, solicitor, of New-inn, London, and of Syden- ham, Kent.

WEMYSS (Earl of). The Right Hon. Francis Wemyss Charteris DouaLAs, eldest son of Francis Wemyss Charteris Douglas, eighth Earl of Wemyss, was born in 1818 and educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford (B.A., 1811). In the same year he was returned to the House of Commons for the Eastern division of Gloucestershire, which he represented until 181^, when he resigned his seat, having abandoned the support of the pro- tective Com Laws, and become a convert to the Free Trade measures of Sir R. Peel. In Aug., 1847, he was returned as a Liberal Conser- vative for Haddingtonshire, which he continued to represent until his succession to the peerage ; was a Lord of the Treasury under the Aberdeen ministry, 1852-5, retiring with the Peelite party in Feb. of that year from the administration of Lord Palmers ton. Lord Elcho, as he was styled prior to his suc- ceeding to his father's title, took a very conspicuous part in the Volunteer movement. He is Colonel of the London S^ott'g i