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Vaughan and Dr. Montague Butler. In 1868 he was appointed Examin- ing Chaplain to the Bishop of Peter- borough^ and was promoted to a canonry of Peterborough Cathedral in 1869, when he left Harrow. He was elected Eegius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, Nov. 1, 1870, on the retirement of Dr. Jeremie. Dr. Westcott was nomi- nated honorary chaplain to the Queen in 1875, and a chaplain in ordinary in 1879. On Oct. 21, 1882, he was elected to a fellowship at King's College, Cambridge. Dr. Westcott resigned his residentiary canonry at Peterborough in May, 1883 ; he was appointed one of the Archbishop of Canterbury's chap- lains in the following month, and in October of the same year he was nominated to the canonry of West- minster, vacated by Canon Barry, Bishop Designate of Sydney, Aus- tralia. He is one of the Company for the Revision of the authorized version of the New Testament. He is the author of the " Elements of Gospel Harmony," being the Nor- risian Essay for 1851 ; the " History of the Canon of the New Testa- ment," 1856 ; the " Characteristics of the Gospel Miracles, being ser- mons preached before the Univer- sity of Cambridge, in 1859 j "An Introduction to the Study of the Gospels," 1860 ; the " Bible and the Church," 1864 ; the "Gospel of the Kesurrection," 1866 ; the " History of the English Bible," 1869 ; " The Christian Life Manifold and One," six sermons preached in Peter- borough Cathedral, 1869 ; "On the Beligious Office of the Universities," 1873 ; and contributions to Smith's "Dictionary of the Bible" and " The Speaker's Commentary."

WESTWOOD, John Obadiah, entomologist, son of the late Mr. Westwood, of Sheffield, born in that town in 1805, and educated at Lich- field, was appointed, in 1861, to the Professorship of Zoology founded at Oxford by the munificence of the late Kev. W. Hope. The Royal

Society has awarded to him one of the great gold Royal Medals for his scientific works, and in 1860 he was elected to fill the place of the illus- trious Humboldt, as a Correspond- ing Member of the Entomological Society at Paris. He has written " Introduction to the Modem Clas- sification of Insects," " Entomolo- gist's Text Book," published in 1838 ; " British Butterflies and their Transformations," in 1841 ; "Arcana Entomologica," "British Moths and their Transformations," and " Palffiographia Sacra Pictoria," in 1845 ; " Cabinet of Oriental En- tomology," in 1848 ; " Illuminated Illustrations of the Bible," in 1849, and other entomological works. Mr. Westwood has contributed to archaeological science.

WHITE, Richard Grant, born in New York, May 23, 1822. He graduated at the University of New York in 1839; studied medi- cine and law, and was admitted to the bar in 18-i5, but soon gave up practice for literature and journal- ism. His " Shakspere's Scholar " appeared in 1854; the "Essay on the Authorship of the Three Parts of King Henry VI." in 1859; his critical edition with essays, &c., of Shakspere's works, 12 vols., in 1857-64, " The Life and Genius of Shakspere," 1865. Besides philo- logical and critical essays in Har- per*s Magazine, Putnam's Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, the Oalaxy, and other periodicals, he has pub- lished " Handbook of Christian Art," 1853; "National Hynms," 1861 ; an edition, with notes, of " The Book Himter," 1863 ; " Poetry of the Civil War," 1866; "Words and their Uses," 1870; "E very- Day English," 1880; "American View of the Copyright Question," 1881 ; " England Without and Within," 1881 ; and, anonymously, "The New Gospel of Peace," a humorous political and social satire on the events of the Civil War, 1863 - QG ; and a sequel to it,

    • Chronicles of Gotham." He is