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lege, Oxford (B.A. 1864; M.A. 1867 j Dec. 1882). He was ordained dea- con in 1864 by his father, as curate of Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire, and was admitted into priest's orders by him in the following year. In 1866 he became curate of Lea, in Lincoln- shire, but shortly afterwards was appointed rector of Middleton Stoney, Oxfordshire. Having held this rectory for seven years, he was appointed in 1873 vicar of Seaforth, near Liverpool. He was for many years chaplain to his father^ and was nominated to a canonry in Winchester Cathedral in 1878. He held the post of Sub-Almoner to Her Majesty from 1871 till 1882, when he was appointed first Bishop of the newly-created see of New- castle-upon-Tyne.

WILKINSON, The Eight Eev. Gbobob Howabd, Bishop of Truro, was educated at Oriel College, Ox- ford (B.A. 1855 J M.A. 1859). He was curate of Kensington^ 1857-59 j perpetual curate of Seaham Har- bour, 1869-63 ; and of Auckland, Durham, 1863-67. In 1867 he was appointed incumbent of St. Peter's, Great Windmill Street, London; and in 1870 he became vicar of St. Peter's, Eaton Square. He was also an honorary canon of Truro Cathedral, and examining chaplain to the bishop of that diocese. He was select preacher at Oxford 1879-81. In Jan. 1888, he was ap- pointed to the see of Truro, which had become vacant by the promo- tion of Dr. Benson to the arch- bishopric of Canterbury ; and he was consecrated by the new Pri- mate, in St. Paul's Cathedral, on April 25. He is the author of several works on devotional and other religious subjects.

WILKINSON, James John Gabth, M.D., eldest son of James John Wilkinson, of Durham, a spe- cial pleader, and author of several well-known law books, born near Gray's Inn Lane, London, in 1812, was educated at a private school at Mill Hill, and Totteridge, Herts.

He translated " Swedenborg's Ani- mal Kingdom," 1843-4, and has written *'Swedcnborg, a Biogra- phy," 1819 ; " The Human Body and its Connection with Man," 1851 ; " The Ministry of Health," about 1856 ; " Unlicensed Medi- cine," a pamphlet ; " Improvisations from the Spirit," 1857; "On the Cure, Arrest, and Isolation of Smallpox, by a new Method ; and on the Local Treatment of Erysi- pelas, and all Internal Inflamma- tions ; with a Postscript on Medical Freedom." 1864 ; and a pamphlet, "On Social Health," 1865.

WILKINSON, The Eight Eev. Thomas Edwabd, D.D., born about 1836, was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge (B.A. 1859, M.A. 1863), and held in succession the curacies of Cavendish and Upper Eicking- hall, both in the county of Suffolk. Being appointed Missionary Bishop of Zululand, he was consecrated at Whitehall, May 8, 1870. He re- signed his bishopric in 1876, and was appointed rector of Caerhayes in the diocese of Truro in 1878. He has translated " Hymns Ancient and Modem" into the Zulu lan- guage.

WILKS, Samuel, M.D., F.E.S., bom at Camberwell, June 2, 1824, was educated at University College, London. He was created M.D. of the London University in 1850 ; became a Fellow of the Eoyal Col- lege of Surgeons in 1855 ; a Fellow of the Eoyal Society ; Physician to Guy's Hospital and Lecturer on Medicine; President of the Patho- logical Society ; and Physician to the Duke and Duchess of Con- naught. Dr. Wilks is the author of "Lectures on Pathological Anatomy," and " Lectures on Dis- eases of the Nervous System." He was formerly editor of the " Guy's Hospital Eeports." He was mem- ber of the Medical Commission on the Contagious Diseases Act, 1868 ; a member of the Eoyal Commission on Contagious Diseases Act, 1871 ; was formerly Examiner in Medicine