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of Civilization in the Old and the New World," 2 vols., and in 1865 an enlarj^ed edition of the same work. His latest works are "Chat- terton: a Biographical Study," 1869; "Caliban J or, the Missing Link," 1873 ; " Spring Wild Flowers," 1873 ; a reprint, with additions, of an earlier volume of poems bearing the same title ; and " Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh," 1873. He had been Secretary to the Society of Antiquaries in Scot- land, and a FeUow of that Society, when in 1853 he was appointed Professor of History and English Literature in the University of Toronto; and in 1881 succeeded Dr. McCaul in the Presidency of the College. The growth and pros- perity of the University is largely due to his efforts. He was for lour years editor of the Journal of the Canadian Institute, and in 1859 and 1860 was President of the Institute. In 1882, he was named by His Excellency the Marquis of Lome a Vice-President of the Literature Section of the Royal Society of Canada.

WILSON, Sir Erasmus, LL.D., F.R.S., knight, born in 1809 ; be- came a Member of the Royal Col- lege of Surgeons in 1831 ; Fellow by election in 1843 ; Member of Council in 1870; President in 1881 . He founded the Chair of Dermato- logy and Museum of Dermatology in the College of Surgeons in 1869, and was elected the first Professor. He also founded the Chair of Pathology in the University of Aberdeen in 1881 ; erected the chapel and " new wing " of the Sea-bathing Infirmary at Margate in 1880; built the "Master's House " at the Epsom Medical Col- lege in 1872 ; and restored the church of Swanscombe in Kent in ! 1873. In Nov., 1881, Her Majesty i conferred upon him the honour of knighthood, in consideration of his munificent gifts for the support of hospitals and the encouragement of

iical study. Sir Erasmus Wil-

son, who is eminent for his know- ledge of diseases of the skin, began his professional life as an anato- mist ; and has written " The Dis- sector's Manual;" "The Anato- mist's Vade-Mecum;" and edited Anatomical Plates in four volumes foHo; "Diseases of the Skin;" "The Student's Book of Diseases of the Skin ; " " Portraits of Dis- eases of the Skin," folio, plates; " Lectures on Dermatology ; " " De- scriptive Catalogue of the Derma- tological Specimens contained in the Museum of the Royal CoUege of Surgeons;" "On Eczema and Eczematous Eruptions ; " " On Syphilis and Syphilitic Eruptions ; " " On Ringworm ; " " Inquiry into the Frequency, Duration, and Cause of Diseases of the Skin;" "On Healthy Skin, a Popular Treatise on its Management ; " " Report on Leprosy," the article on " Skin and its Diseases," in Cooper's " Surgical Dictionary," and Quain's " Dic- tionary of Medicine ; " " Lectures on the Diseases of the Skin " in the Medical Tiin^s and Gazette, British Medical Journal, and Lancet ; Es- says and Papers on Dermatologiccd and other subjects in the Philoso- phical, MedicO'Chirurgical, and F€- terinary Transactions, British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Retnew, and other journals. Sir Erasmus Wilson is the founder and editor of a quarterly journal of cutaneous medicine. In addition to the above works he has published " Food, as a Means of Prevention of Disease;" " The Eastem, or Turkish Bath ; " " A Three Weeks' Scamper through the Spas of Germany and Belgium ; " " History of the Middlesex Hospi- tal ; " an edition of " Huf eland's Art of Prolonging Life ; " articles in Todd*s Cyclopcedia ; " Cleopatra's Needle, with brief notes on Egypt and Egyptian Obelisks," 1878 ; and " The Egypt of the Past," 1881.

WILSON, The Rev. Hjsnbt Bristow, B.D., son of the late Rev. H. B. Wilson, D.D., many years Rector of St. Mary Aldermary, in