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Institution, and an *' Eroa and EuphroByne " and ** The Rainbow " at the Koyal Academy in 18^18. Two years later^ in conjunction with Mr. Millais, Mr. Holman Hunt^ and Mr. Dante Gabriel Bossetti, he took a leading part in establishing

    • The Germ," a short-lived periodi-

cal, in which the ideas of those artists, who were afterwards called " Pre-Eaphaelites," first found ex- pression. Mr. Woolner's contribu- tions consisted of a number of graceful poems, which, with others from his pen, were afterwards col- lected in a vohune, entitled " My Beautiful Lady,*' that appeared in 1863, and reached a third edition in 1866. Mr. Woolner went to Aus- tralia in 1854, and during a resi- dence of two years there he mo- delled a number of characteristie likenesses in medallion. On his return to this country his first important production was a life- size statue of Lord Bacon, for the new Museum at Oxford. Among his subsequent works are statues of Prince Albert, for Oxford ; Lord Macaulay, for Trinity CoUege, Cambridge ; William III., for the Houses of Parliament ; Sir Bartle Prere, for Bombay; Dr. Whewell, for Cambridge ; Lord Lawrence, for Calcutta ; and Lord Palmerston, for Palace Yard ; busts of Tennyson, Carlyle, Dr. Newman, Mr. Darwin, Kajah Brooke, Sir William Fair- bairn. Professor Sedgwick, Sir Wm. Hooker, Bichard Cobden, Charles Dickens, Canon Kingsley, Mr. Glad- stone, Viscount Sandon, Mr. W. Fuller Maitland, Professor Lushing- ton (for the University of Glasgow), Mr. John Simon (for the College of Surgeons), and Professor Huxley ; also ".Elmne with the Shield of Sir Lancelot," " Ophelia,'* " Virgil be- wailing the banishment of Corio- lanus," " Gruinevere," and " Achilles and Pallas shouting from the Trenches/* the latter being his di- ploma work exhibited at the Boyal Academy in 1876. Mr. Woolner was afterwards engaged on a colossal

statue in bronze of Captain Cook for the Gi3vemment of New South Wales ; to be erected in Hyde Park, Sydney, overlooking Sydney Har- bour. In 1871, Mr. Woolner was elected an Associate of the Eoyal Academy, and in Dec. 187 1, he re-

ceived the final honour of being

nominated a Royal Academician. On the death of Mr. Henry Weekes, in 1877, he was appointed to suc- I ceed him aS Professor of Sculpture I in the Royal Academy. He resigned I that professorship in Jan., 1879. His statue of Lord Chief Justice I Whiteside was erected in the Hall 1 of the Four Courts, Dublin, in . 1880.

WOOLSEY, Thsodobs Dwioht, D.D., LL.D., was bomatNewYOTk, Oct. 31, 1801. A.B. (Yale), 1820. He studied theology at Princeton ; was a tutor in Yale, 1826-26 ; licensed to preach in 1825, and studied in Germany, 1827-30. In 1831 he was elected Professor of the Gi-eek Language and Literature in Yale College, and fifteen years later President of that CoDege. He* re- signed the presidency in 1871, but continued in the faculty. Besides many occasional orations, addresses, and essays, he has published edi- tions of " The Alcestis " of Euri- pides, 1833 ; " The Antigone " of Sophocles, 1835; "The Prome- theus" of JEschylus, 1837; "The Electra" of Sophocles, 1837; and "The Gorgias" of Plato, 1842. Among his other works are : — ** In- auguration Discourse on College Education," 1816 ; " Histori«a Discourses at the 150th Anniver- sary of the Founding of Yale Col- lege," 1850; "Introduction to the Study of International Law," 1860, fifth revised edition, 1879; "Ad- dresses comui»?morative of the Life and Services of Jeremiah Day, late President of Yale CoUege," 1867 ; '* Essays on Divorce and Divorce Legislation, with Special Reference to the United States," 1869, new edition, 1882; "The Religion of the Past and the Futnre/' 1871.