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and English), London, 1865; "The Homilies of Aphraaies (vol. i., Syriac), London, 1869 ; " An Ara- bic Keading-book," part first, Lon- don, 1870 ; " Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles" (Syriac and Eng- lish). 2 vols., Tendon, 1871 ; '* The Chronicle of Joshua the Sfylite" (Syriac and English), Cambridge, 1882 } " The Book of Kalilah and Dimnah" (Syriac), Oxford, 1883; •• Catalogue of the Syriac MSS. in the British Museum," 3 vols., 1870-72; and Catalogue of the Ethiopic MSS. in the British Museum." 1877.

WCLLEBSTORF (Baeon), Bebnhabo von Wullbbstobf- Ubbaib, born at Trieste, Jan. 29, 1816, received his first education at Padua, entered the College of Pioneers, at Tulln, near Vienna, and became in 1833 a cadet in the Imperial navy. He studied astro- nomy under the celebrated Von Littrow ; was appointed in 1839 Director of the Nautical Observa- tory at Venice ; and married in 1847 Miss H. O'Connor, an Irish lady, who died in 1848, in which year he proved his fid^ty to the Imperial dynasty by personal sacri- fices, and was decorated with the Iron Cross of the third class. In 18^19 he was appointed Commodore, organized the Naval Academy, and afterwards held the important post of referee to the Hign Admiral; and in April, 1857, he took com- mand of tne Novara, commissioned for a tour of scientific observation. He returned home in 1859, and published the result of these im- portant researches, attained the rank of Eear-Admiral in 1861, and was sent to Vienna as Representa- tive of the Navy in the Beichsrath. In Aug. of that year he married the Countess Leonie Bothkirch Pan then. In the following winter he was commissioned by the GK)vem- ment to visit Switzerland, Germany, Prance, Belgium, and Holland, in order to study new inventions in shipbuilding and iron n^nufaoto-

riee. Upon his return he was ap- pointed Admiral of the Port of Venice, and in 1864 Commander-in- Chief of the allied fleets in the German Ocean. When the war was over he retired to Gratz, in Styria, and was appointed Minister of Commerce and Political Eco- nomy. He resigned that office at the expiration of two years. Under his superintendence the treaty of Commerce between England and Austria was negotiated. He is well known for hia comprehensive reports and valuable comments on politico-economical subjects, which afford conclusive evidence of his thorough acquaintance with the wants of Austrian industry and commerce.

WURTEMBEEG, KiNoop. {Set Charles I.)

TATES, Edkund HoDasox, son of the well-known actor, who was sometime lessee of the Adelphi, bom in July, 1831, was for many years Chief of the Missing Letter Department in the Post-Offioe. He has written " My Haunts and their Frequenters," published in 1854; "After Office Hours," in 1861; " Broken to Harness," a Story, in 1864; "Business of Pleasure, "Pages in Waiting," and "Run- ning the Gauntlet, a Novel," in 1865 ; and " Kissing the Bod," and "Land at Last, a Novel," in 1866. In conjimction with the late Mr. F. E. Smedley, he wrote "Mirth and Metre, by Two Merry Men," published in 1854; in conjonctioD with the late Mr. B. B. Brough. edited "Our MiaceUany," whiiA ai^>eared in 1857-8 ; prepared a con- densed edition of "The Life and Correspondence of 0. Mathews the Eld^,^' published in 1860 ; and a " Memoir of Albert Smith and Mont Blanc." Mr. Yates, who has writ- ten some dramas, and was the theatrical critic of the Da i7y Stm