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English Eevolution of 1688/' in 1874.

YONGE, Chablotte Mabt, only daughter of the late W. C. Yonge, Esq., of Otterboume, Hants, a magistrate for Hampshire, was born in 1823. She is the authoress of several works of fiction, in which the plot is made to enforce, in a plain and sober manner, the pecu- liar doctrines of what is called the High-Church school of opinion. The best known works attributed to her are, " The Heir of Redclyffe j " " Heartsease \* " Dyne vor Terrace j " " The Daisy Chain ; " " The Young Stepmother; or, a Chronicle of Mistakes j " " Hopes and Fears, or. Scenes from the Life of a Spinster j " " The Lances of Lynwood j " " The Little Duke ; " " Clever Woman of the Family;" "Prince and the Pa^ : a Story of the Last Crusade ; " and "Dove in the Eagle's Nest." Most of these have ^one through several editions, and nave been re- printed in a cheap form. It has been stated in the public papers, that she gave je2,000, the profits of her " Daisy Chain," for the building of a Missionary College at Auckland, New Zealand, and devoted a great portion of the proceeds of "The Heir of Redclyffe" to the fitting out the missionary schooner iSfout^em Cro$$, for the use of Bishop Selwyn. Miss Yonge has published " Marie Th^r^se de Iiamourons," a biography abridged from the French ; " The Kings of England," "Landmarks of History, Ancient, Middle Ages, and Modem," forming a compen- dium of Universal History for young people ; " History of Chris- tian Names and their Derivation," 1863 ; " The Story of English Mis- sionary Workers," in "Macmillan's Sunday Library," 1871; "Lady Hester," 1873 ; " Life of John Cole- ridge Patteson, Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands," 2 vols., 1873 J " Stories of English History," 1874 ; " Stories of Geek History for the Little Ones," 1876; "Aunt Charlotte's German History for the

Little Ones," 1877; "Aunt Char- lotte's Boman History for the Little Ones," 1877; "Unknown to His- tory; a Story of the Captivity of Mary of Scotland," a novel, 2 vols., 1882; and, "Stray Pearls; Me- moirs of Margaret de Ribaumont, Viscountess of Bellaise," 2 vols., 1883.

YORK, Abchbishop op. (See Thomson, Dr.)

YOUNG, Sir Allen, arctic navi- gator, formerly commanded a ship in the merchant service, and among the many officers of that service who did good work and gained credit at Balaclava during the Russian war, there was no commander whose ser- vices were more warmly acknow- ledged by the late Lord Lyons than were those of Captain Allen Young. Subsequently he volunteered and filled a responsible position on board Lady Franklin's little ship, the Fox, in McClintock's memorable voyage (1857-60), when the fate of Franklin and his companions was solved. As an officer of the Royal Naval Reserve his commission bears date from the first creation of the force. In 1876, principally at his own expense, he made in his yacht, the Pandora, a gallant though unsuccessful at- tempt to accomplish the North- West Passage, and to throw some further light on the proceedings of the lost expedition under Franklin, by a search for their records on King William's Land. Again, in

1876, he refitted the Pandora for a second attempt, with the same ob- jects in view; but the Admiralty, having been unexpectedly called upon to communicate with the depots of the Government Expedi- tion in Smith's Sound, Captain Young readily responded to an in- vitation to fulfil this important duty, which he did at no small risk, and in a manner which was deemed thoroughly satisfactory. In recognition of tJiis service the Queen conferred upon him the honour of knighthood, March 12,

1877. An account of the "Two