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appearance of the Tenth Edition, and during that period no fewer than 434 individuals who were noticed in its columns, have been removed by death. Their places are occupied in the present edition by memoirs of persons whose names have during the same period come prominently before the public.

Besides preparing these new biographies, the Editor has carefully revised all the memoirs in the work, entirely re-casting many, and making additions to nearly all of them.

At the end of the volume is a Necrology containing the names of eminent persons deceased, with the dates of the birth and death, and reference to the last edition of this work in which their biography is to be found.

As it is the desire of the Publishers to render the work as accurate and complete as possible, suggestions for new names, corrections, and additional information, are respectfully invited. All communications addressed to Mr. Thompson Cooper, F.S.A., care of Messrs. Routledge and Sons, The Broadway, Ludgate, E.C., will be thankfully received.

London, Jan. 1, 1884.