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A. See Arnold. M.

A. B. G. See Airy, Sir G. B.

Amicus. See Fairbairn, Sir Tho.

Baptistet. See Daudet, A.

Bard, Samuel A. See Squier, E.G.

Bede, Cuthbert. See, Bradley, Rev. E.

Benauly. See Abbott, Lyman.

Béranger, Paul. See Collin, J. A. S. C. D.

Bibliophile Jacob. See Lacroix, P.

Bideford, The Rural Postman of. See Capern, E.

Bon Gaultier. See Martin, Sir T.

Botham, Miss M. See Howitt, Mrs. M.

Breitmann, Hans. See Leland.

Butler, Mrs. See Kemble, F. A.

Bystander. See Smith, Goldwin.

Caldwell, Miss A. See Marsh-Caldwell, Mrs. A.

Candide. See Claretie, J. A. A.

Carle. See Sardou, F. J.

Carvalho. See Miolan-Carvalho, Madame M. C.

Clifton, Miss Fanny. See Stirling, Mrs.

Clifton, Tom. See Robbins, A. F.

Crawley, Captain. See Pardon, G. F.

Croquelardon. See Collin, J.A.S.C.D.

Cuthbert Bede. See Bradley, Rev. E.

Dagonet. See Sims, G. R.

De Plancy. See Collin, J.A.S.C.D.

Désiré Hazard. See Feuillet, O.

Dunheved. See Robbins, A. F.

Expertus. See McColl, M.

Father Jean. See Beal.

Félix. See Martin, B. L. H.

Felix de Salamanca. See Ingram, J. H.

Ferragus. See Ulbach, Louis.

Fin-Bec. See Jerrold, W. B.

"Five," The. See Ollivier, O. E.

"Flemish Interiors," author of. See Byrne, Mrs. W. P.

Flyggare, Madame. See Carlén, Madame E. F.

Forrester, Gilbert. See Braddon, Miss M. E.

Francis, Miss M. See Thornycroft, Mrs. M.

Gail Hamilton. See Dodge.

Garrow, Miss. See Trollope, T. A.

Gaston, Marie. See Daudet, A.

Gigliucci, Countess. See Novello, C. A.

Gilbert de Voisins, Countess. See Taglioni, M.

Gilbert Forrester. See Braddon, Miss M. E.